Tales of Androgyny

We here at Majalis is responsible for bringing the game Tales of Androgyny to you. If you have been following lewd games for a while, then you will know what to expect with this game. Tales of Androgyny have a fun style with rogue-lite elements.

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About Tales of Androgyny

This game doesn’t really fit into everyone’s taste since it features a different approach. However, if you are a fan of girls with big butts and boobs, including monster girls and men with big packages, then Tales of Androgyny is the game for you.

With this game, you can expect to see a lot of boobs on your screen. If you enjoy watching erotic anime with the wildest themes behind closed doors, then Tales of Androgyny definitely tops the list.

The characters are all feminine-like, but you shouldn’t underestimate their sexual drive and what’s hiding down there. Even if the game is completed, the developers are choosing to add more new features and content, which gives all the more reasons to stick around playing.

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In this adult erotic sex game, you will play the role of a feminine guy that has androgynous features. He looks partly female and male, making his gender ambiguous. The story revolves around you engaging in sexual activities with both men and women, including the monster guys and girls.

The main protagonist’s name is Hiro, who is on quite an interesting adventure. Hiro is ever-ready to stand up against the opposition in this fantasy world.

Hiro is pumped up about going on quests, but he does face some problems along the way because of his appearance. He is extremely cute with feminine features, making him the talk of the town wherever he goes. So, in this fantasy land, all the creatures want to engage in sexual intercourse with him.

The question is, can Hiro resist all the temptations? Or will he become their man-slut and get used as an object for immense sexual pleasure?


In Tales of Androgyny, the player goes on an exciting adventure that’s procedurally generated. It is filled with numerous combat encounters and a plethora of enemies. Here, the enemies wish to use Hiro as their cum bucket. You have to control him and also manage both your health and hunger as you venture into the game exploring. The majority of the NPCs in the game aren’t humans, but they are more of a monster with an extra penis.


The game also features all the basics that you would expect from other games, such as equipment, items, stats, spells, and classes. If there’s one thing that really sets Tales of Androgyny apart from the rest of the games would be its sexual effects. Once you play the game, you will see that the sex isn’t just shown in the cutscenes. It is integrated into the gaming mechanics as well. Hiro can immediately get boned in the middle of the fight, which is sort of hilarious.

But it also depends on Hiro and how much he has grown to like the way cum tastes, or his love for bum and so on. If Hiro starts to become weak, then certain encounters will end up being too challenging for him. Tales of Androgyny use a combat system that’s stance-based. When you fight against them, you will start to feel fatigued and fall down on your knees. But while you recover, you should also be cautious about your environment.

Why? Well, because you won’t know when a meat sandwich might suddenly get popped in your mouth. You can’t trust these horny monsters and their quick tactics. All the feminine characters in the game possess some of the sexiest bodies. The size of their butt and the body to booty ratio is just unparalleled. Plus, the graphical content in the game is just incredible. Top gameplay elements have to be the ton of classes and strategic diversity.


The controls in the game are basic, and you can either use the keyboard or mouse. You can even begin a new different character while you are in the middle of your gameplay. It happens when you come across an instant or immediate game over. Also, the humour in this game is really great, which is quite surprising because it’s meant to be a sexy game. The majority of the cutscenes in the game are 10x long, which is great and fun to watch.


Tales of Androgyny always have great battles since it comprised of different combos. And there is proper attention given to details such as the stance and position. You should also be prepared to get super aroused by the high artwork present in this game.

Tales of Androgyny also feature both a free-form play and story mode. Character customization is also available in a light WRPG style. As you continue playing the game, it will give you the opportunity to obtain lewd achievements and challenges too.

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